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KOD One PCR Master Mix -BLUE-

Ready-to-use 2X hot-start PCR master mix with a modified KOD DNA polymerase optimized for ultra-fast and convenient high-fidelity PCR

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Fast Hot-start PCR, High-fidelity DNA polymerase, KOD One PCR Ready Mix

biological source

Escherichia coli (carrying the cloned UKOD DNA polymerase gene)

Quality Level




sufficient for 25 reactions
sufficient for 500 reactions


Fast PCR
High Fidelity PCR
dNTPs included


PCR: suitable


crude DNA

shipped in

dry ice

storage temp.


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KOD Hot Start Master Mix

biological source

Escherichia coli (carrying the cloned UKOD DNA polymerase gene)

biological source


biological source


biological source





ready-to-use solution






sufficient for 25 reactions


sufficient for 100 reactions, sufficient for 500 reactions


sufficient for 100 reactions, sufficient for 400 reactions


sufficient for 100 reactions, sufficient for 500 reactions, sufficient for 5000 reactions


Fast PCR


Difficult Templates/Specialty Enzymes PCR, High Fidelity PCR, dNTPs included, hotstart


Difficult Templates/Specialty Enzymes PCR, dNTPs included, hotstart


dNTPs included, hotstart


crude DNA


purified DNA


purified DNA


purified DNA

General description

KOD One PCR master Mix -Blue- is a ready-to-use 2 x PCR master mix containing a novel genetically modified KOD DNA polymerase (UKOD) along with a new elongation accelerator, enabling fast PCR with an extension time of 5 sec/ kb for template DNA <10kb. This master mix has greater efficiency and flexibility than conventional PCR enzymes with an ability to amplify from crude specimens such as blood and mouse cell lysates. In addition to crude samples, it can be used on templates containing uracils (dU). The master mix can use primers containing both inosines (dI) and dU for amplification.

This hot start KOD polymerase is antibody-inactivated with two types of antibodies that prevent the 5′→3′ polymerase activity and 3′→5′ exonuclease activity. Upon heat-activation, the 3′→5′ proof-reading ability of the enzyme generates blunt-end PCR products.


  • Genomic DNA amplification
  • cDNA amplification
  • Direct PCR
  • Colony PCR
  • Amplification of NGS libraries
  • Site direct gene mutation

Compatible Sample Types: Serum, Plasma, Cell, Plant, soil extraction, DNA, nail, hair etc.
Sample Volume Needed: about 50ng DNA

Features and Benefits

  • Fast: Amplifies the targets using the following very short conditions:
o =1 kb: 1 sec
o 1∼ 10 kb: 5 sec/ kb
o 10 kb∼: 10 sec/ kb
  • Ready-to-use: 2X premixed solution of UKOD DNA polymerase, buffer, dNTPs, and MgCl2. KOD One PCR Master Mix Blue includes a loading dye (BPB) to allow direct loading onto agarose gels.
  • High Fidelity: Approximately 80-fold higher fidelity than conventional Taq DNA polymerase. This mix can be used for various purposes where this would be an advantage (e.g., in the preparation of long target amplicons for sequencing).
  • High Efficiency: Enables high throughput PCR and ultra-fast PCR cycling conditions with an extension time of as quick as 5 sec/kb.
  • Crude Sample PCR: Effective for direct PCR amplification of crude samples such as biological samples, food samples, soil extract, etc.
  • High flexibility: Amplifies templates containing uracils (dU). Also, amplifies fragments using degenerate primers with inosines (dI) and uracils (dU)


KMM-201NV - 5X1ML is sufficient for 500 reactions at 20 μL each or for 200 reactions at 50 μL each.
KMM-201NVS - 0.25ML is sufficient for 25 reactions at 20 μL each or for 10 reactions at 50 μL each.

Storage and Stability

Stored at -20 °C for a year. 4 °C for a month.

Other Notes

For R&D use only. Not for drug, household, or other uses.

Legal Information

*Manufactured by Toyobo and distributed by Sigma-Aldrich. Not available in Japan.
KOD One is a trademark of Toyobo Co., Ltd.






Hazard Classifications

Met. Corr. 1

Storage Class

8B - Non-combustible, corrosive hazardous materials




Not applicable


Not applicable

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Moe Yokoshi et al.
Molecular cell, 78(2), 224-235 (2020-02-29)
Formation of self-associating loop domains is a fundamental organizational feature of metazoan genomes. Here, we employed quantitative live-imaging methods to visualize impacts of higher-order chromosome topology on enhancer-promoter communication in developing Drosophila embryos. Evidence is provided that distal enhancers effectively
Nuria Cortes-Silva et al.
Current biology : CB, 30(4), 561-572 (2020-02-08)
Accurate chromosome segregation requires assembly of the multiprotein kinetochore complex at centromeres. In most eukaryotes, kinetochore assembly is primed by the histone H3 variant CenH3 (also called CENP-A), which physically interacts with components of the inner kinetochore constitutive centromere-associated network


Evaluating the effects of PCR inhibitors and PCR enzyme selection using plant genomic DNA, GenElute™-E Single Spin Plant Extraction Kit, KOD-One™ PCR Master Mix and competitor high fidelity PCR master mixes.

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