Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins

Ion exchange (IEX) chromatography is a commonly used purification method that separates a target molecule from other impurities based on the net surface charge. Our portfolio of anion exchange (AEX) and cation exchange (CEX) resins, with our multi-modal chromatography resins, offers efficient purification solutions for mAbs, vaccines, plasmid DNA, plasma, and other modalities.


IEX chromatography products

Our industry-trusted Eshmuno® and Fractogel® resins offer purification efficiency and high yield resulting in improved process economics. The familiar column format can be easily scaled up from bench- to large-scale manufacturing.


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Chromatography Eshmuno CMX

Eshmuno® IEX chromatography resins

These resins are ideal for efficient downstream purification and contain our proven tentacle ligand technology coupled with rigid base beads. They operate at fast flowrates and maintain high binding capacities, improving productivity by reducing time and manufacturing costs. 

Eshmuno® CP-FT



Eshmuno® CMX mixed-mode resin provides high selectivity for mAbs, fusion proteins, and ADC purification, as well as separation of low molecular weight impurities and HCPs.

Eshmuno® CP-FT



Eshmuno® CP-FT resin efficiently removes mAb aggregates in flow-through mode, resulting in 10 times higher loading capacities as compared to traditional bind/elute CEX chromatography. This enables process intensification while reducing the overall cost for downstream mAb purification.

Eshmuno® CPS



Eshmuno® CPS resin offers high dynamic binding capacity and separation efficiency of recombinant protein feed streams at elevated salt concentrations. This enables direct loading of high-conductivity feed streams (conductivity ≥10 mS/cm), reducing the need for dilution. 

Eshmuno® CPX



Eshmuno® CPX resin separates mAb monomers from aggregates and other impurities, even at high loading.  It delivers outstanding productivity for high-resolution purification of process intermediates. 

Eshmuno® HCX resin provides fast, efficient, direct capture of proteins, delivering outstanding performance in typical ion exchange and flow-through applications at higher salt levels.
Eshmuno® S is a strong CEX resin for direct capture of recombinant proteins and fast, efficient mAb purification following protein A capture.
Eshmuno® Q is a strong anion resin, offering outstanding impurity removal in typical anion exchange flow-through applications.

Fractogel® EMD IEX chromatography resins

All Fractogel® EMD resins provide high selectivity coupled with consistent pressure stability, enabling very high throughput and excellent yields. The resin’s high binding capacity, even at high flow rates, saves valuable time and improves process economics. Fractogel® resins are offered in different bead sizes with multiple functional groups to meet a range of purification needs:

Fractogel® strong anion exchangers

Fractogel® weak anion exchangers

Fractogel® strong cation exchangers

Fractogel® weak cation exchangers

Support for qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization

Complementing our product portfolio, the Emprove® Program provides three types of dossiers to support different stages of development and manufacturing operations such as qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization. The dossiers consolidate comprehensive product-specific testing data, quality statements, and regulatory information in a readily available format to simplify your compliance needs.

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