Solid Formulation

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Although solid dose formulations are one of the most established dosage forms in pharmaceuticals, the path to market can still be blocked by critical obstacles such as API stability, release kinetics, and bioavailability limitations.    

Our high-quality raw materials and functionalized excipients form a comprehensive portfolio that addresses all your most pressing challenges in solid formulation manufacturing, with products that include:

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Our particle optimized Parteck® functional excipients, for example, are specifically developed to address formulation challenges in solid dose, featuring unique particle properties and outstanding individual functionalities. The result is excellent tableting behavior and simplified formulation design, so you can speed your product to market.

In addition, you can rely on our industry-leading Emprove® Program to meet today’s complex regulatory challenges with a superior combination of comprehensive documentation and transparency. Our high-quality raw materials, regulatory expertise, and dedicated support provide everything you need to simplify supplier qualification, speed up processes, and reduce your total cost of ownership.


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