Cultivate Consistency

Thousands of tools and reagents for reproducible cell culture

Cell culture is fundamental to life science research in universities, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Cells isolated from animal and human tissues in both 2D and 3D environments are used by researchers to study cell biology, treat diseases, and produce antibodies, proteins, and vaccines.

We have everything you need to keep your tissue culture room thriving so you can accomplish your goals, establish relevant cell models, and answer your research questions. Our complete portfolio of cell lines, cultureware, media, supplements, and assay kits offer a variety of choices for every application.

Three Stericup<sup>®</sup> E filters and two bottles

Prepare Your Projects

Preparing for your cell culture application requires the right culture tools and equipment to help you obtain reliable and reproducible data. When preparing for your project, deciding which cell line is ideal for their application or research question and which cultureware is important.

We offer a carefully curated, diverse selection of mammalian, stem, primary, and cancer cell lines, patient-derived organoids, and organoid culture systems and specialty cultureware, including membrane-based inserts and plates so you can best prepare for your cell culture workflow.

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