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MISSION® shRNA Human Gene Family Set, DNA

Nuclear Hormone Receptors

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Gene Information

human ... AR(367), ESR1(2099), ESR2(2100), ESRRA(2101), ESRRB(2103), ESRRG(2104), HNF4A(3172), HNF4G(3174), NR0B1(190), NR0B2(8431), NR1D1(9572), NR1D2(9975), NR1H2(7376), NR1H3(10062), NR1H4(9971), NR1I2(8856), NR1I3(9970), NR2C1(7181), NR2C2(7182), NR2E1(7101), NR2E3(10002), NR2F2(7026), NR2F6(2063), NR3C2(4306), NR4A1(3164), NR4A2(4929), NR4A3(8013), NR5A1(2516), NR5A2(2494), NR6A1(2649), PGR(5241), PPARA(5465), PPARD(5467), PPARG(5468), RARA(5914), RARB(5915), RARG(5916), RORA(6095), RORB(6096), RORC(6097), RXRA(6256), RXRB(6257), RXRG(6258), THRA(7067), THRB(7068), VDR(7421)

Gene Information

Gene Information

Gene Information

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General description

Sequenced-verified shRNA lentiviral plasmids (pLKO.1-puro) are provided as purified plasmid DNA suitable for virus production and transient transfection. DNA is provided in 40 μl aliquots per well in Tris,EDTA (TE) solution. An average of 2 μg per clone is provided per well with a range from 400 ng to 4 μg. The set comes in 96-well plates that are barcoded for simple identification. A CD containing RefSeq, gene description, gene symbol, clone ID, hairpin sequence, locus link, and plate map positions are provided with the gene family set.

Other Notes

Each MISSION shRNA clone is constructed within the lentivirus plasmid vector, pLKO.1-Puro, followed by transformation into Escherichia coli. The pLKO.1-Puro vector contains bacterial (ampicillin) and mammalian (puromycin) antibiotic resistance genes for selection of inserts in either bacterial or mammalian cell lines. Each clone set consists of an average of 3-5 constructs that have been designed against each target gene using a proprietary algorithm. Therefore, a range of knockdown efficiency, with at least one construct from each gene set being >70%, can be expected when using these clones. This allows one to examine the effect of loss of gene function over a large series of gene knockdown efficiencies. Each shRNA construct has been cloned and sequence verified to ensure a match to the target gene.
For a detailed listing of other available gene family sets, visit the gene family set website.
Number of Genes: 218, Number of Clones: 1448
The exact gene and clone count at time of purchase may vary slightly as the TRC library is continually updated.

Legal Information

Use of this product is subject to one or more license agreements. For details, please see .
MISSION is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Storage Class

10 - Combustible liquids


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Not applicable


Eyeshields, Gloves, multi-purpose combination respirator cartridge (US)

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Miltiadis Kininis et al.
Nuclear receptor signaling, 6, e005-e005 (2008-02-28)
Recent genomic analyses of transcription factor binding, histone modification, and gene expression have provided a global view of transcriptional regulation by nuclear receptors (NRs) that complements an existing large body of literature on gene-specific studies. The picture emerging from these

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