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Solid white substance solubilizing into fine powder / water

Solubility is an important aspect of solid and liquid drug formulation. Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) solubility is critical for the success of the final dosage form and is necessary for the API’s absorption in the body and its therapeutic effect. As more and more APIs are poorly soluble, it’s crucial to take steps to enhance solubility either through API processing or formulation.

Go the API Processing Route

But why start optimizing API solubility during the late stage of formulation when you can truly enhance your API’s performance from the beginning?

Choose API processing to:

  • Improve API properties right from the start
  • Take advantage of established and proven technologies
  • Avoid the risk of dealing with a poorly water-soluble API in formulation development or the need to start API development from scratch

There are many techniques available for API processing based on your specific API’s characteristics and needs.

High-quality Chemicals for Different API Processing Techniques

We provide a range of high-quality chemicals which target different API processing techniques. This way, you can focus on commercialization instead of on solubilization.

Explore our offering for:

Salt Formation
Salt Formation

High-quality chemical raw materials, such as acids, bases, and buffers, suitable for use as a counterion

Co-Crystal Formation
Co-Crystal Formation

High-quality chemical raw materials suitable for use as a co-former

Polymorph Screening
Polymorph Screening

Solvents addressing different polymorph screening techniques


Polymers and surfactants to support nano-crystal stability

Especially for salt and co-crystal formation, raw material quality is critical as the counterion and co-former are considered parts of the API by regulatory agencies. Whichever of these API processing methods you decide to use, we provide you with high-quality API processing chemicals which are part of the Emprove® Program. This provides 24/7 access to comprehensive documentation to support your management of regulatory- and quality-associated risks.

Our offering and service goes well beyond just supplying products for API processing. We offer easy access to an extensive portfolio of high-quality raw materials solutions that are easy to use, ensure product and patient safety, and meet your drug development and manufacturing needs. These products are designed to address pharmaceutical processes and manufacturing across all dosage forms.


Screenshot of technical article on “Improving Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Solubility using API Processing
Article: Improving Solubility using API Processing

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Flyer cover “Enhanced Solubility Through API Processing” with abstract powder/liquid visual
Flyer: Enhanced Solubility Through API Processing

Browse the PDF flyer showcasing the different API processing techniques along with suitable products

Screenshot of webinar on “How to Improve API Solubility by Salt and Cocrystal Formation”
Webinar: How to Improve API Solubility by Salt and Cocrystal Formation

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Cover of web application “Pharmaceutical Application Guide”
Pharmaceutical Application Guide

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